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The 13 Trees of the Lunar Year

Luis (Mountain Ash/Rowan)
January through February

Rowan increases divination abilities; helps to expand breadth of view in specific circumstances. Aids in understanding the various potentialities of a situation as a seed relates to manifestation. For quickening and an aborting a venture. For protection, especially of the feminine. Reconnects to the Universal Love Ground.

Nuin (Ash)
February though March

Soothes impatience and restlessness. Helps neutralize the venom of others emotional outbursts. Cultivates the quieting of oneself in reaching the inner stillness of being.

Fearn (Alder)
March through April

Reconnects with the Earth in reverence and reveals the harmony of things and actions. Aids in controlling the manifesting energy of a new venture by keeping it in accord with natural order. Heals doubt by restoring the harmonic path.

Saille (Willow)
April though May

Facilitates transitions to enable rebirth; heals the psyche; and provides the energy to move on. Restores after a heavy trial, enabling forward movement to new ventures. Heals resentment.

Huath (Hawthorn)
May through June

Helps learning to enforce the boundries of oneself emotionally, physically, and psychically. Aids in attaining the balance between individuality and connection with the Universe and selfhood.

Duir (Oak)

Teaches one to know the strength of ones roots (as in groundedness or in the unconscious) by experiencing the lightening flash. Provides the necesary strength for required encounters. The strength of the warrior that is based on foundation.

Tinne (Holly)
July through August

Protects against the negative emotions of hatred, envy, suspicion and greed by increasing love, positivity, and luck. Encourages healing by the protection of love in community.

Coll (Hazel)
August through September

Encourages the vision and wisdom gained from the journey within. Discovery from oneself: the buried treasure within. Facilitates the completion of energies, drawing things to a close before a new beginning.

Muin (Vine)
September through October

Nurtures inspiration from past experience (or lives). Aids in revealing the life work of a soul -- from self -- understanding and relating to the whole. Encourages anchoring in the Now.

Gort (Ivy)
October through November

Inspires the ecstasy of true self-expression, clarity, and exhilaration. The journey of the soul in returning to the Source. The sword of clarity or the strength of woman in connecting to the natural. Antidote for inebriation.

Ngetal (Reed)
November through December

Gives the peace of abiding with endings. Encourages knowing the inevitability of rise and fall; promotes moving through the cycles in joy, not terror. Facilitates seeing the patterns of ebb and flow, understanding the movement of things.

Ruis (Elder)

Restores the healing and protection of the family or community in a real physical and emotional sense. (A more assertive protection then Rowan.) Attends the needs we have for community; heals isolation and terror of change by re-establishing the sense of belonging to the Universe. Protects the center in times of flux when nothing seems fixed.

Beth (Birch)
December through January

Supports self-authority and self-discipline based on awakening sensitivity and awareness. Facilitates integration on the self into a unified whole. Invokes the sensitivity of all trees.


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