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     When I think of Towers... I think of Sorcerers and Wizards in cluttered rooms, concocting strange substances, foul smelling brews and fragrant potions. Incantations chanted and Spells muttered from musty Tomes and tattered Scrolls. Of Alchemy and Astrology and Stars charted on walls. Herbs gathered in bunches waiting in disuse. Of sorcery and Enchantments and faraway lands in other times. Of grisley beards and flowing robes and pockets filled with long forgotten needs. Of Philosophy and Ancients bent over manuscripts searching for secrets that will never be known. Of Sages and Fables and Ensorcelments. Of Dragons and Faeries and all manner of Myth. Of Conjuring and Mysticism and Whimsical Fantasies. Of Runes and Dreams And Shadows in corners and caverns.

     Ithink I like best of all the belief that just a little of that may be possible. That desire to believe, right or wrong, that there is a little bit of magick in the world. At least I hope there is :) Here I'm going to put somethings I think one would find in a tower. If you have info on any of these or any others that would be helpful, Please let me know and I'll post it with your name and link. Each of these, I think, in some manner are still useful today and some I know are :)




Ages pass and a pattern forms,
the earth the sea and the air.
New growth starts and old things die,
for each its right and fair.

Forests burn and rivers flood,
the sky throws down its might.
living and dying, giving in birth,
we struggle to survive the fight.

Seasons come and years they pass,
time continues on.
Each man goes his separate way,
unwilling to play the pawn.

But the pattern unfolds, reaches out its arms,
and slowly draws him in.
Fight he must, against the odds,
only to die in the end.

Weyr Dragon

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