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Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary :

1. magic \'maj-ik\ n. 1 a: the use of means (as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces. b: magic rites or incantations. 2 a: an extrodinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural force. b: something that seems to cast a spell. 3 : the art of producing illusions by slight of hand.

2. Magic adj. 1 :of or relating to magic. 2 a: having seemingly supernatural qualities or powers. b : giving a feeling of enchantment - magical

3. Magic vt. Magicked; Magicking: to affect or influence by magic : BEWITCH

Magic is the art of putting into action the power of spirits; the science or art of producing preternatural effects by the medium of supernatural means, or the aid of departed spirits, or the occult powers of nature. A belief in magic is to be reckoned among the earliest growths of human thought. It is everywhere present, in greater or lesser degree.

BLACK MAGIC: Magic proper, or that division of it which in former times fell into the hands of unofficial persons, or was practiced with malefic intentions.

CELESTIAL MAGIC: A supernatural power which gave to spirits a kind of dominion over the planets, to the planets an influence over man.

SUPERSTITIOUS OR GOETIC MAGIC: The invocation of devils or demons involving the supposition of some tacit or express agreement between them or human beings.

WHITE MAGIC: Magic practised for the benefit of others.

MERLIN (Myrddhin) legendary wizard and bard of Arthurian romance. A prince of enchanters of the time of the saxon invasion of england. He was the son of a damsel seduced by a fiend, but Blaise baptized the infant and rescued it from the power of satan. He died spellbound by his mistress Vivian in a hawthorn bush.

It is the little rift within the lute
That by and by will make the music mute,
And ever widening slowly silence all.

Ibid. Merlin and Vivien.
Alfred Tennyson


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