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A legend is a story from the past about a subject that was, or is believed to have been, historical. Legends concern people, places, and events. Usually, the subject is a saint, a king, a hero, a famous person, or a war. A legend is always associated with a particular place and a particular time in history.

In early times, legend, usually written or passed from generation to generation, was regarded by many peoples as their history. Legends are usually distinguished from myth in that a myth is wholly an invented story, usually involving some divinity. A legend has more earthly roots in history, folklore or religion. Legend comes from the Roman legenda meaning something to be read. People both real and imagined such as Charlemagne and King Arthur who were idealized were attributed great deeds they were never connected to originally.

Some of these Legends are:

Camelot and Arthurian legend
The legend of Camelot, and the story of King Arthur has been told and retold over the centuries. The legends of Arthur may have originated with a chieftain named Arthur who lived in Wales during the sixth century.

Bobin Hood
Was Robin a real person, or a legend based on a real person? The debate continues as it has for hundreds of years. There has been a lot written on this subject and it is interesting to speculate on the origins of the legend of Robin Hood and his merrymen.

Trojan Horse
in Greek legend, a huge, hollow, wooden horse in which attacking Greek troops hid, gaining entrance to and capturing the city of Troy, thus ending the Trojan War.

The Legend of Blackbeard
His name was Edward Teach, but everyone knew him as Blackbeard. His name struck fear in the hearts of sailors and the sight of his ship weakened even the bravest captain. Blackbeard was one of the most notorious pirates to ever sail the Atlantic.

Legend of the Holy Grail
The legend of the grail has always intrigued and fascinated those of us with an interest in medeival history. The quest for the Grail has continued for over 12 centuries.


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