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The Closer you are to the earth,
the better you can hear God.
Lon Woodrun

"He who plants a garden, plants Happiness."
Chinese Proverb

Our garden has undergone many changes and more than one or two disasters as we have struggled our way along. It has been a growing process for both of us. When we have striven and struggled with life, I see it in our garden and when we have rested and basked in the peace and comfort that blesses us when we cease our struggles I see that too reflected in our garden. we have learnt as we went along by trial and error. (more error that not :) But we've never given up hope that one day if we're good little boys and girls we just might get it right! And God in his heavens will look down on us poor struggling mortals and take pity on us. Well it's just a hope you know *grin*

Weyr Image

Weyr Image

I set out to create the gardening page I'd been dreaming about for years and thought about all the different things to put on it. You know.... the typical boring stuff you see on every gardening page the world has ever seen. And while browsing around the web seeing what was out there I came upon a sight/site that restored my faith. The belief that there are gardeners out there like me. You know what I mean... your neighborhood has one of us too. That crazy old lady down the street, whose yard looks like it's in dire need of a brush hog instead of a lawn mower. The one that's out in her yard bent over a dying shrub wearing a rain suit and stocking cap because even though it's March, it's 40 degrees and pouring rain. You want to stop and ask if she's alright but your afraid she'll start talking about the shrub and before you can get away from her supper has already passed you by and your husbands going to have to tuck the kids into bed... know her alright :)

For those you who don't know her, go meet Marie at
Marie's Garden
A Pinch of Salt & A Dash of Tabasco

Thank you Marie for being a kindred spirit.
No one knows the rest of us like you do :)
(For which I'm eternally grateful :)

Weyr Dragon

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