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Yep, thats me, and like a great many others around here, I love dragons. I dont pretend to be one but if any of you out there know where I can get my hands on one, Please let me know.

I suppose I should tell you something about me. I like to play at being an artist, I love sculpting and painting. I also write poetry and short stories, although I'm told my writing is usually morbid...You'll find my writing scattered throughout my site along with the works of many friends...Also some original paintings/graphics, the bulk of which are on the Reflections pages.....and if anyone steals my dragons in the Cavern and What's New pages....
Look Out Bubba :)

Anyways, I live in the Badlands, for those of you that dont know where that is...figure it out

This is the one single most important fact of life I can tell you.
It's also my own personal motto...

Life is a tale, told by an idiot.
Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

I have a couple of little hatchlings running around somewhere...
at least I think I left them somewhere around here....
By the way, they are just as adorable and talented as their mother !

Also the garden I'm of my loves. Working in the earth...watching things grow...

Likes and dislikes? Lets see...
I prefer an antique amythest to a large shiney diamond,
Wild Lilac to expensive roses with no scent,
And people whose minds are rich even if they have no money.

Okay....enough...If I havent answered enough of your questions...then ask me .... and if you havent fallen over in a stupor from boredom, your doing better than I am...*yawn*

Weyr Dragon

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