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I hope you like Dragons or at least enjoy Myth and Legend.
As you can see I love them. Dragons represent so much that is both beautiful and magical. Awesome and fear inspiring. I have a pet theory that through out centuries of evolution, evolving into the 'civilized' beings we are today, we have closed doors in our minds that once were open to Magic and Miracles. Hence today we dont believe in what we cannot see. If it's not tangible, if I cannot see it, hear it, feel it, touch it, taste it, I will not believe it. So today we dont believe in anything outside legends, no Mysteries, no miracles. Ask yourself 'do I truly believe Christ walked on water? or was that just a parable? an example to explain something else or an image to show that he was powerful?' 'Do I believe in Psychic phenomena? or is that just a hype that people fall into because they want to believe in something bigger and better than themselves?' 'Were there ever really Dragons?' 'Could King Arthur have possibly been real?' 'Do animals have 'Spirits or Souls'?' 'Do Trees really cry out when cut or hurt?' 'Is there really such a thing as a God or Satan or Demons?' 'Are there really Guardian Angels?'
Odds are you want to answer yes to at least one of those. Some will believe emphatically in one or more..others will scoff at all of them. But most of us want to believe in something...something bigger and better than ourselves...lets face it... Mankind as a whole is not wonderful species and he will never attain utopia. On the whole, man is a vicious, malignant, and pernicious race. (boy I really digressed, didn't I?)
Anyway back to my theory....I do believe that once upon a time our minds were open to things that we can no longer see today, most of us anyway. (that includes me..LOL) But if we were to open those doors, pull down the walls, and find a way to use those parts of the brain that are no longer used, who knows what we might see or accomplish.

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

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Weyr Image

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