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Are you there? Are you listening?
Can you hear that child screaming?
The ragged, gasping breath
of a man now facing death?
In the morning will you recall,
the lives you took, at all?
Or will you turn, once again,
to the escape that brought their end?

DeAnna Johnson 1997

I'm angry!
I'm so angry it scares me.

I recently experienced something (in reverse) that most people pray they never experience. Someone very close to me was drinking and driving. They ran head on into another vehicle. Through the grace of whatever gods there are, no one was seriously injured. That doesnt detract from the seriousness of the crime. In my life, I have known 4 people personally who were killed by drunk drivers. Three little girls are now left Orphans, their mother and father taken from them. A Widow and mother grieves daily for her lost husband, who never had the chance to see his own son. A mother and father weep and pray over the grave of their only son.

I keep asking myself 'what if it had been my children and I this person struck?' 'what if I had to tell my sons that this person they love very much was a murderer?'

Why is that what it always takes before you wake up? If you wish to take your own life in your hands, fine. I have no right nor any desire to stop you. It's your right to do whatever you wish to yourself. I believe in and defend that right! But when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle while you are drunk, you take my childs life into your hands and I will do anything in my power to stop you!

So mom, if you ever read this.....Don't make me have to tell my children that their grandmother is a murderer. Please, for their sake, if not your own, stop and think about what your doing.

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Our Children are precious. They are our future as well as their own. And they deserve better than to be struck down by a drunk driver before they ever had a chance to live.

Each life is a gift, rare and unique. No one has the right to destroy that gift. When one life is taken, there is a gaping hole left in another life. And somewhere down the line that hole touches each of us.

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I dedicate this page to:
Bill Andreas ~~ Mary and Kenneth Anderson ~~ Wesley Riven
And to the loved ones they left behind.

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For those of you that care enough to help
Other related links: Weyr Image

MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Transformations - A Forum For Self-Help and Recovery

Other Child related sights:

National Center For Missing and Exploited Children

Van Cleve's Crime Prevention Page

Crime Prevention Safety Tips For Kids

Please help support the "Adopt A Guardian Angel" program
This is my Guardian Angel, her name is Cristal, named for one of my nieces, who is so precious to me.

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